This Week’s Notable Portland is Up!

This Week’s Notable Portland is Up!

The literary calendar is up for the next 7 luxurious sunny days in beautiful Portland.

Of course, I post this every week, so to mix things up, I’m going to start going into a bit of detail on my own site to let you know who I want to see this week and why.

So what’s catching my eye this glorious first week of May?

Well, other than the my own reading this Sunday at Habesha (which at 8pm and open to the public, wink nudge wink!), I am interested in going to Tin House’s Summer issue (on Memory!) launch party over at the Holocene. The Holocene was a place I loved hanging out at back in college, although having gone again as a married grown up person I find it a bit much. The nooks I used to make out in seem kind of stagey, and the music that I loved to lose myself listening to now seems deafeningly loud. And the dancing! Portland, I love you, but the dancing! Looking like a chicken wing that fell out of the bucket. We need to have basic rhythm lessons here. But regardless of all this I kind of want to go to this weird part-reading, part book-launch, part dance-party. I’ll probably be in a corner not dancing and just talking to a friend, and I’ll really only go if I can drag a friend along precisely so I can stand in a corner with them. But this is a thing I would do, in theory!

What else looks good?

I’m always interested in venues I haven’t visited yet. Having started the Notable Portland only a few weeks ago, I’m learning about reading venues I would have never otherwise heard of if I wasn’t actively looking. The Jade Lounge is walking distance from my apartment, and they seem to do a lot of readings, a lot of them kind of kooky sounding. I would love to check the space out. Also, I would love to pop over to Glyph for first Thursday (you guys, tonight is First Thursday! this 90 F day is a First Thursday! Everyone is going to be drunk over downtown and in the Pearl!).  Glyph is a reading and gallery space that is also a café. It’s over in the pearl/old town. I know the area gets it’s fair amount of hate from the rest of Portland, because Portlanders find the concept of condos, LA-transplants, suntanning, and splurging on art and jewelry anathema. I would say it’s because people hate the rich, which is fine (a lot of people in the Pearl/downtown are paying a lot in rent), but no one in Portland hates the rich in Beaverton or Laurelhurst or in West Moreland nearly as much. Big house rich is okay – but little modern studio apartment rich, no parking rich, well that’s just an insult to the Portland aesthetic. A rich Portlander should have a giant house with a giant garden full of chickens and at least two parking spots. Rich people with giant families in suburbia are acceptable. Rich single people with no kids who want to go into acting or software development are less so. I get it!  But my point is, don’t let the downtown-hate convince you the Pearl is any worse than the rich anywhere else! I want all of you to go to readings in different neighborhoods, and I mean that for myself too. I want to go to book parties in Multnomah Village. I want to go to a book launch party at the Holocene. I want to give a reading at Habesha. And I want you to drink with me on First Thursday and find out what Glyph looks like inside.

Has this inspired you enough?

I’m excited for a week full of readings and book warmings and publishing parties and workshops all around Portland, and I hope you’ll go to a few and tell me how it goes. It would be great to hear back from folks who go to the events in the calendars, especially those of you who specifically find events through Notable Portland. Now, who wants to go get sunny with me?