What readings I’m looking forward to this week in Portland and why!

This Week’s Notable Portland is Up!

It’s time for another weekly edition of Notable Portland over at the Rumpus, and that means it’s time for me to talk a little bit about why I love writing that column so much, and what I can’t wait to do and see in Portland this week!

Thanks to Clark County Poet Laureate, Christopher Luna, I’ve learned a bit more about what’s going on in Vancouver, Washington, which is generally considered part of the Portland Metro Area. This week he’s started sending me updates of events that him and his students have been working on, so I’ve added them to my list.  Like tonight! His reading at Cover to Cover should be an exciting literary event, whether you’re a Vancouver resident or a Portlander willing to exercise a quick jaunt across the Willamette in hopes of a great reading.

In Downtown Portlnad, tonight and tomorrow night will be huge for black women writers and activists! The ever gorgeous and talented Laverne Cox, a black trans woman who took the world by storm with her role on Orange is the New Black on Netflix, is reading at Portland State tomorrow.


A few blocks away the luxurious Liberian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Leyman Gbowee, reads for a considerably higher price (tickets started at nearly $40! But I’ve heard it’s worth every penny to meet her and see her in person!). Her reading tonight is already sold out, but if you get a chance to hear her speak here or elsewhere, I’ve only heard great things.

The rest of the week is chuck full of great readings and workshops, but I wanted to point out that this week I also started getting the Multnomah County Library events on my calendar. You’ll notice events at the Central Library, but also at other libraries, like the Gresham Library, and even community college libraries, like the Cascade Campus library for Portland Community College.

And lastly, I almost forgot – this weekend is the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. If I could include stand-up on my literary calendar, this weekend’s event calendar would be six pages long alone!

Most of these events, as always, are free. Go forth and lit-ify my fellow Portlanders! Find a book you love, find a story you want to tell, find an open mic, find a cozy nook in a library, and soak up the literary gravy of life like the little biscuit you are.