How to eat salad like a boss (and other secrets for culinary explorers)


So let’s talk about some of the delicious things I cook (unless you’re afraid of taking food advice from a fattie – I warn you, you might throw concern to the wind and start eating like a boss if you follow me). Salad! They tell you to eat it all the time, and like most people I do like the idea of eating a salad more than I actually like eating salad. Let’s face it, it’s cold, it can be limp, and unless all the ingredients are super fresh, it can be bland.  Some people resort to slathering a ton of dressing on their salads, which is fine, but I think it ruins the fresh taste of salad if you do that.  So here is my discovery: get a tiny lettuce head (little gem salad is what I used), cut it in half. Now heat a cast iron pan (though any pan will do) up really hot, add a tiny bit of olive oil, get some tongs and put the baby salad heads in for just 15 seconds tops. If you’re like me and a bit afraid of spitting oil, wear gloves, and walk away as soon as you’ve tossed your salad heads in. This is great because it crisps up the flat end of the salad head, but leaves the rest of the salad still tasting fresh and delicious. It gives a texture change and that’s the most important part for me. You’re just searing it.

Want to play around with that? Get some soy sauce, or miso paste, and grill your salad heads with that along with the olive oil. Once you put the salad heads on the plate, add a little tahini or dijon mustard to the cold tops of the salad, or simply sprinkle with salt, lemon, and pepper.  I added raw french radishes.

Want to push it over the top and add some protein? Fry a duck egg up while you’re toasting your salad heads. I’ve recently gotten into duck eggs because they have a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids, which (this might be hippy folklore) are really, really good for you. You normally find it in fish and some people even take it in pill form, but a duck egg here and there will fill you up. They are slightly higher in cholesterol due to their larger yolks, but generally sweeter, creamier, and better in a salad or really anywhere in my opinion. Since they’re slightly bigger you should cook them slower, on a lower heat, than regular chicken eggs, but they’re well worth it once they hit your salad.

So there you have it, a salad fit for even the most resistant of salad eaters. I could easily eat two salad heads like that in one sitting, they’re just so fresh, especially with the side of dijon mustard.  It’s one of those dishes I wanted to show off because I feel so proud of it.