This’s week’s Notable Portland is Out!

First of all, go check out this week’s Notable Portland over at the Rumpus – okay, got it? then come back and let’s talk business. What are we gonna see this week?

Well, this reading Sunday night at Valentine’s over on SW Ankeny sounds very intimate and very sweet! What better way to settle into your long weekend than taking in some poetry on a Sunday night? Arya David Imig, Julia Clare Tillinghast, Russ Woods,Wendy Chin-Tanner, and Matty Byloos – some poets I’m very excited to hear read – are going to take the stage and lay some words on us. 

Okay, and Monday, it’ll be very quiet in terms of readings. Good, take the day off to snuggle up with a book you love and maybe hit up the waterfront festival.

Sean Davis is reading from his new book The Wax Bullet War on Tuesday at Powell’s (which you definitely don’t want to miss!), and then Senator Elizabeth Warren reads at Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing on Wednesday.


Like! These are some heavy readings – about the Iraq war and then about American Politics with a capital ‘P’!

So I hope to see some of you at these, and as always, if you spot me in the corner of the room feel free to say hi. If you see disrespectfully drawing or playing on iPhone it’s because I’m livetweeting the event!