Solidarity with #YesALLwomen including LBGT Refugees

Hey guys, I hope in this time when we are truly thinking about all women, you could take a moment to help me spread the word about Aidah Asaba. For all the talk western countries offer about how horrific and barbaric other countries are regarding LGBT rights, when it comes to offering asylum to these citizens, the UK and the US can suddenly lose their interest in helping these refugees.


Aidah Asaba came to the UK after the now notorious (and further expanded)Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill hit the parliament floor in 2013.

Asaba was beat repeatedly by her family, and attacked by her community for ‘spreading’ homosexuality. Her family then forced her to marry to a man, who then raped her and forced her carry his child.

The UK was quick to denounce Uganda for their Anti-Homosexuality Bill, but is now denying Asaba asylum. Why? Because Asaba failed to frequent gay clubs, did not act “gay enough” and despite having two major humanitarian organizations corroborating her story, immigration services believe Asaba is “faking” her lesbian identity to acquire asylum in the UK.

Please signal boost, and sign this petition to get the UK to give Asaba a stay. She needs more time to develop her case for asylum, and rejecting and deporting her quickly could lead to her being imprisoned or executed in Uganda.


Please, I know this is a time in which we are truly thinking about ALL WOMEN so I hope we will take just a tiny moment to signal boost and sign. We must show solidarity with lesbian women, with black women, with refugee women, with imprisoned women.

If you have any questions, please free to contact me. I wrote this petition and am an intern at ForceChange right now, and most of my research and work there focuses on refugees and especially women.