I’m a day late, but that doesn’t mean I’m a dollar short

I was so busy actually going to readings yesterday that I forgot to post about how awesome our week of readings here in Portland is. But that never really changes does it? Every week doing the Notable Portland column is something else, and especially as summer picks up we seem to get more readings by the week. Is there a correlation between literary events and long hot summer days?

Well, here’s this week’s Notable Portland, and here’s my schedule:

Well, it’s a little late to refer you to it (not that you needed referring if you were anywhere near Portland because you probably already heard of it) but last night was the second annual Lit Hop and it was amazing! I was at the Unchaste Reading at the Knock Back on Alberta and attended a gorgeous after party at the Radio Room down the street. This was me sitting in the wings with Sidony O’Neal while Cari Luna reads on stage.



Tonight it’s the Queer Lit Happy Hour reading, a kick off party for Pride weekend. My friend and fellow zinester Cathy Camper will be there, along with one of my all time favorite local writers, Lidia Yuknavitch.  Of course, there’s also the Portland Review Launch Party a few blocks away from that, and across the river If Not For Kidnap Reading Series has writers Melissa BroderRauan Klassnik, and James Gendron for their latest shindig. There’s another magazine launch turned dance party happening in South East at the Holocene, and although I’d love to go to every single one of these readings, I’ll be supporting Cathy for the early half of the night and perhaps wandering depending on when that finishes up. 

This weekend includes a slutty Robot themed literary costume party, a poetry reunion and reading at Glyph, and a night of great poets at the Ink Noise Review over at the Jade Lounge in South East Portland.

I’m pleased with all the readings people have set up and I know even if I can’t make it to every single launch party/reading/costume contest, they’re going to be packed and I hope you get a chance to score some seats somewhere great this week!