I want *you* to go to reading in Portland! Come with me, and you’ll see, a world of pure imagination alliteration.

Ross Robbins and Andrew Barton celebrate their respective book releases tonight at the IPRC.  Also Polly Dugan’s lovely writing is going to be over at Powell’s. Thursdays are always the biggest night for readings, it seems – there’s always at least four options for not just great but amazing literary events that night.

Susan Jane Gilman reads from her debut novel tomorrow which I’m dying to read (it’s got abandoned immigrant girls, how could that now speak to me? and ice cream, how could ice cream not speak to every inch of me?).

Delores Dallas and DJ O.G. One read tomorrow at Glyph on behalf of Portland’s (first and possibly only) black publisher, Black Rose Social Club.

I keep missing Willa Schneberg (her last reading was the night of lithop!), but I should really haul over to Hawthorne Sunday night to see her read her stunning poetry. I handled a copy of her work over at Glyph and couldn’t put it down.

Of all the things, you should go to what inspires you most, and report back what you loved the best!


(Image courtesy of Polly Dugan, from her Powell’s reading facebook event page.)