This week I covered Jayce Marcus’s fight for housing at George Fox University. Jayce is not alone in his fight for inclusive housing at a conservative University – trans students across the country find themselves in similar situations every day. Jayce’s decision to stand up and fight has made him a focal point for local tensions in the state of Oregon, and his story has even been featured in the New York Times.

I had the honor of covering Jayce’s story for The Portland Observer, complete with an interview a moment to hear how Jayce has made it through this very specific kind of activism that finds itself at the intersection of race and sexual background. I hope you’ll take a moment to read Jayce’s story and learn more about the huge amount of effort it takes to change the institutions we belong to, and to support Jayce as he continues to fight for his right to live on-campus.

The full article can be found online here or at a Portland Observer red box near you in the Portland metro area.