This week’s Notable Portland is here.

Last week’s piece for the Portland Observer and last weekend’s Portland Roots Festival is here, along with photos of the event here.

I also wrote about a black-owned hip-hop fashion business in the Pearl here.

I normally share publishing news the day of, and alert readers to my next reading a bit earlier.

But I’ve been bad at this the past two weeks as I’ve been supplementing my meager journalist income by temping. Last week I worked at an office at a dock where men were building ships. They had an office cat and the cat was served soup every day for lunch.

It was a fun job and I’ll miss my coworker, Dock Kitty. 

And you might want to know – that tonight, yes Sunday night August 17th of the year of our lordt 2014 – I’m reading at the Jade Lounge in Southeast Portland. I would love to see you there but I know I was a little late in spreading the word. Please don’t let me read to an empty room! I’ve got a few friends reading with me, including Intisar Abioto (founder of the Black Portlanders), Cathy Camper (author and illustrator for Lowriders In Space, Chronicle Books November 2014), and Manuel Arturo, (contributor at the Newer York). All of them writers of color, and all of us representing cultural work in the whitest major city in the United States. It will be a feat!

I’ll be back to update you on how it goes!