Portland Discrimination Case

This week, I broke this piece on the Ambridge Event Center’s decision to not rent out space to the Portland Black PFLAG Chapter. Their reasoning behind this? The church that they lease from, The Holy Rosary Church of Portland, prohibits them from using the event space for LGBT organizations.

Read, share, and consider it next time you or someone you know tries to rent out space at the Ambridge Event Center!

Above: O’Nesha Cochran-Dumas (left) and her wife LaKeesha Dumas do a traditional jump-the-broom ceremony as they get married last May 19 at the Melody Ballroom, downtown. They were the first African American same-sex couple to marry in Oregon after a federal judge struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional.

(Photo Credit: Olivia Olivia of the Portland Observer) (i.e., Mine!)