It’s been another week of writing here in Portland, and it started with the Oregon Book Awards Monday night. Cari Luna took home the coveted Fiction Award and Tom Spanbauer proposed to his boyfriend on stage and the night was full of drama and free alcohol and every writer in town which makes for one beautiful messy night for the ever unique and burgeoning Portland literary community.

In local news, Portland debuts a homegrown musical based on the life and music of Sonny Til and the Orioles, Soul Harmony. I’m excited to have written for it as this week’s front page for the Portland Observer. It was such a great experience to meet the cast and some of the people behind the scenes, like Kirk Mouser and Alan Berg, and I’ll be going to opening night this Friday. I really think the piece was interesting because it let us see how the entire show came to life. Sonny Til’s biological grandson is playing the roll of his grandfather for the show, and the show’s creator’s found him in a youtube comment section.

There’s so much about this show that’s lucky – and I feel like that luck will carry the show through it’s running. I can’t wait to see it.

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Of course, this brings us to my weekly literary events column at the Rumpus, Notable Portland. T.C. Boyle, Amber Tamblyn and dozens more over at the Rumpus.