Don’t miss my reading tonight along with other Black and Latina writers of the Pacific Northwest at In Other Words bookstore in Portland. I promise to read something entire new and cause quite the scene. Join me!11792041_966965690033811_6132506030700641072_o

And in case you’re looking for some recent bylines, I recently wrote about Portland’s Pioneers of Color and a genealogist who is working his hardest to bring that information to the public.

Earlier this past month I also visited a seedy corner of Northeast Portland that used to be known as the Sugar Shack, home of a strip-club and alleged sex trafficking that has sent former owners through a series of legal problems. All of that is in the past now – because a group of Portland’s non-profits and community organizations have bought the property and are ready to turn it into something that belongs to them, for them. Hacienda’s executive director gave me a quick tour and discussed his hopes with me the same week.

Alberta’s Black United Fund of Oregon building is getting a face lift with a new mural dedicated to women of color and their accomplishments as well this summer, and I got to meet artists Eatcho and Jeremy Nichols for an exclusive sneak peak in July.

In more radical news, the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party of Portland is bringing back a tradition once started by the Black Panthers – the free breakfast program. Self-sufficiency and a pro-black education that empowers students to learn more about their history comes alongside a free and wholesome breakfast for kids willing to learn.

And this week’s Notable Portland is available right here. See you tonight!