This week I scored free tickets to a Janelle Monáe concert – and so did seemingly half the city of Portland. Over 900 people attended Monday’s concert at the Roseland Theater. She spent the day at a Don’t Shoot PDX rally.


Despite intense differences activists from all over the spectrum attended the Monday rally and school supply fundraiser and later that night, all of us pushed to get in. I saw black and latino writers, musicians, dancers, activists, students, standing in the massive round-the-block line to witness Wondaland join Monáe for her Portland tour.


I took a massive amount of photos, all which are available here. My full front page article on her civil rights anthem and national tour here.

My other major piece I’ve been working on is a story about a major problem facing the nearby city of Vancouver, Washington. There is currently no women’s shelter service the city, which is a major threat to the safety and livelihood of women throughout Clark County. Women are the face of poverty in the United States and across the world.


When they don’t have devoted women’s shelters, they are liable to being attacked, raped, and killed in co-ed and men’s shelters. Vancouver needs your help. Read my article to sign a petition and donate to a future women’s shelter in Vancouver, Washington.

Finally, this week’s Notable Portland is out – meaning it’s a great time to follow allow along with the local literary community.

I’ll have more information on this year’s Wordstock soon but suffice to say it’s time to clear your calendars and plan ahead to attend one the west coast’s most unique literary festivals. Being on the advisory board means I can’t tell you WHO is coming, but I got some tastes recently and I am excited for you to get the news when they finally release information to the public. RSVP on their facebook page if you want to join me there this year.