Hi! I’ve been very busy kicking off a few things this month but I’ll just share a few things out to you while I’m here this wonderful Saturday night.

First of all, my first post over at the Arrob@ Blog for Duke University’s Program in Latino Studies in the Global South marks the beginning of my February digital residency there.

Read the rest at Arrob@ now.

The piece follows the life of a young migrant woman who washes ashore in southern California seeking to become human, by which I very much mean American. She loses her tongue and crosses borders for the chance to see the man on the other side of the billboard. More as always to come, but this is the first one I got up there and I hope to share a variety of other stories that bring foreign girls together with mythology around the sea and ghosts. After all, everyone loves a good sprite, siren, or spirit.

Over at PFLAG Portland Black Chapter, I’ve helped launch our new #BlackLoveMatters campaign, which urges everyone to celebrate the black people in their lives who have made a difference, be they siblings, spouses, children, or friends.

Belinda Olive-Beltran remembers her brother and his historic heart

Then, this week I followed the story of Oregon’s first heart transplant – which was possible because one young black man – and his family – passed forward the gift of life. Bobby Olive, who died in 1985, has since brought two families together, survivors who are learning to cope with losing loved ones, through the gift he didn’t have the chance to see given.

I’m also pleased to say our Notable Portland column is still running well and our latest issue is out, if you’d like to figure out who’s reading the rest of this week here in Portland.

And last but not least I was recently featured over at Brooklyn Magazine letting folks know about my favorite 2015 reads. Figure out who I chose and why “the Other woman” isn’t my enemy – discourse I’d love to see more work around.

Get your calendars ready for my next readings: Grief Rites on Monday, March 7 (location TBA) and Smallpressapalooza #9 at Powell’s City of Books on Monday, March 14 (page to come!). See you soon!