In Texas, St. Patrick’s Day has a little known historical significance. During the Mexican-American War, while the U.S. was engaged in an illegal invasion and occupation of Mexico, hundreds of Irishmen left the U.S. Army and fought on the side of Mexico. They realized that they had more in common with the people of Mexico than they did with the invading force. Many of them had grown up in Ireland in poor/working class Catholic areas and they too had lived through their home being invaded and occupied by a foreign army, in their case the British Military. So when they were deployed to Mexico and realized they were on the wrong side they organized the San Patricio (St. Patrick) Batallion and gave their lives defending the people of Mexico. Let’s spend today and this weekend remembering the spirit of international solidarity that the St. Patrick Batallion showed in 1847. And let’s not forget that both Mexican and Irish lands are still being illegally occupied by foreign armies.
British troops out of Ireland!

Solidarity between all colonized peoples!